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1720 Mesquite Ave Suite 202

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403


Dr. Jeffrey Carls Family Medicine And Aesthetics

Proudly Serving Lake Havasu City For 35+ Years

Get Better Healthcare For The Entire Family.

Family Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Carls is a Family Medicine and Aesthetics physician with 35+ years of experience from wellness to acute care.

Cutting Edge

Dr. Jeffrey Carls retains his board-certified status to keep up on the latest in medical advancements. This helps helps to ensure he is giving you the best medical care possible.

Stress Relief

Dr. Jeffrey Carls understands that coming in to the office can be stressful, and takes the time to answer all your questions.

Personal Care

From wellness to acute care, Dr. Jeffrey Carls provides the best treatment for every member your family.


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What is Family Medicine?

Family medicine is a broad specialty in the medical field.  As a doctor in this field, Dr. Jeffrey Carls is a Family Medicine Practice physician.  He specializes in providing professional medical services for your whole family from infancy to old age.

Some of the services Dr. Jeffrey Carls offers include checkups, preventative medicine, emergency visits, and acute medical care.

What are Aesthetics?

For us, aesthetics is the set of principles we stand by to give you the best skin of your life.  Skin treatments are a part of your journey, but amazing skincare requires a dedicated plan that is easy to follow and progresses with you.

Over time, your skincare results will change and we are ready to support you and give you the best treatements every step of the way.

Our Team

Dr. Jeffrey Carls, M. D.

Family Medicine Physician/Owner

Christie Viands Carls

Aesthetics Provider/Owner

Skincare At Home

Medical-Grade Skincare Products In A Few Clicks

We are dedicated to helping you get the best skin possible, even if you can’t make it into the office.

Learn More About Our Skincare Solutions

Free Resources To Help You Get Started

We understand that all skin isn’t the same and your skin condition depends on many factors that are unique to your.  Get in touch with us to go over any questions that you may have, and help to figure out the best products for your unique skincare goals. 

What is a stress test?

What is a stress test?

A stress test, also known as an exercise test or a treadmill test, can help determine how effectively a person's heart performs when exercising. It can also aid in the diagnosis of a variety of cardiac problems. A stress test consists of walking on a treadmill or...

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What you should know about an echocardiogram

What you should know about an echocardiogram

An echocardiogram employs ultrasound, or non-harmful sound waves, to acquire crucial information about your heart. When a doctor has concerns about your heart and valves' size, shape, or performance, they frequently employ an echocardiogram or echo. Echocardiography...

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How To Maintain Your Overall Health

How To Maintain Your Overall Health

There are no symptoms in the early stages of many diseases, such as cancer, high blood pressure, or diabetes. However, early detection of such disorders can create a better prognosis due to early treatment. Another benefit of general health checkups is identifying...

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Nutrition And Your Health-What They Don’t Tell You

Nutrition And Your Health-What They Don’t Tell You

Nutrients are the incredible things that we obtain from food. However, we also need them to nourish and nurture ourselves to live happy and healthy lives. Nutrition, in scientific terms, is the supply of food that an organism requires to nourish and maintain its...

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How To Create A Skincare Treatment Plan For All Skin Types

How To Create A Skincare Treatment Plan For All Skin Types

Making a decision in my life has historically been a challenge. I think, rethink, and overthink again, weighing out every possible scenario before landing on an answer. Thank goodness for the guidance of Dr. Carls when it comes to choosing the right path for my facial...

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